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DadBoner - Sat Apr 09 2011

01:33 PM #
Gotta take a nap. Dave kept me up all night puking "bad mexican." Dave needs to see a doctor. Mexican food gives you the runs, not pukes.

03:19 PM #
Me and Dave are smokin weed. I'm sick of everything. That's when it's time to smoke some weed.

03:22 PM #
Kids shouldn't smoke weed. Or drug addicts. But if you're an adult, smokin weed is ok if you have a job, you guys.

03:24 PM #
I'm ordering 4 pizzas from Papa John's. Getting 'em SUPREME. My kids hate supreme. They're stupid. Papa's in the house!

03:27 PM #
If you don't get your pizzas SUPREME, you suck ass. I'm so stoned, you guys. Supreme. Hahahahaha!