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DadBoner - Tue Apr 12 2011

02:21 PM #
Just got my laptop cleaned and fixed. Dave smoked too much weed and spilled Papa Johns garlic sauce on the keyboard.

02:22 PM #
He got all freaked out because it was the last dippin sauce and started MASHING pizza on my keyboard. Idiot.

02:27 PM #
Took my laptop to the "Geek Squad." More like "Barely Got A GED Squad." Acted like they never saw a garlic dippin sauce incident before.

02:28 PM #
There's no way I'm the first person to mess up their laptop with Papa Johns garlic dippin sauce. They acted like I was stupid.

03:07 PM #
Told Dave he owes me 75 bucks for the garlic dippin sauce incident. He said Papa Johns should pay for it. Really steamed, you guys.

03:19 PM #
Dave kinda has a point, Papa Johns garlic butter dippin sauce must cause lots of disasters. Maybe they SHOULD be held responsible?

05:58 PM #
Just back from supper with Ann & the kids. The dog took a huge dump on the floor, Ann slipped in it, and garlic bread went EVERYWHERE. Ha!

06:00 PM #
Made me feel good to see Ann look like a jerk. Usually I take all the guff. Me and the kids really layed into her, you guys.

06:02 PM #
You shoulda seen Ann hopping upstairs with her one dog crap sock. It was beautiful. We started calling her "Ol' Stinkfoot." HAHA!

06:03 PM #
Yep, Ol' Stinkfoot Ann, that's my wife. I'll never let her live this one down. Captain Karl's got the advantage!

06:07 PM #
Gonna have a few cold ones. Can't stop laughing about Ann stepping in dog crap. Man, this is one for the record books, you guys.