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DadBoner - Wed Apr 13 2011

11:47 AM #
The key to a good Wing Wednesday is to get 2 dozen so you have lefties for a healthy afternoon snack. I LOVE 'em room temp, you guys.

11:50 AM #
Ann freaks out about eating food that got left out, because of some "Food Temperature Danger Zone." Sounds like some made up Oprah crap.

11:51 AM #
I bet the Food Temperature Danger Zone is some BS that the food companies invented just to sell more food. It's so wasteful.

11:53 AM #
Everyone knows that room temp pizza lefties are the best. The fridge makes it all stale and kills the flavor. And I like big flavor.

11:56 AM #
KFC is also best at room temp. If that's considered a "Food Temperature Danger Zone", then put me on the highway to it. Ha!

03:28 PM #
Headed to Ann's for supper. Still full of wings. Just gonna tell her I'm on a diet so I don't have to eat as much of her crud.

03:32 PM #
Ann doesn't understand that I like big flavors just like Guy Fieri. Tuna casserole isn't very "money", you guys.

03:33 PM #
Might try and give Ann a hand in the kitchen tonight. Really show her how I drive the bus to Flavor Town.