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DadBoner - Mon Apr 18 2011

11:33 AM #
Really draggin today, you guys. Gotta get my diet back on track for summer. Had 4 coney dogs (no bun). Might do some pushups in the john.

12:23 PM #
It's just so hard to think about gettin that summertime beach body when it's so rainy and crappy all the time. Wish I had another coney.

01:44 PM #
Ken walked in the john when I was doing some pushups. Stood up fast and cracked my head on the sink. HUGE goose egg.

01:52 PM #
Ken started laughin his butt off. I'd like to see that wimp try to do 9 pushups in the middle of the day.

02:02 PM #
The Japanese do exercises at work. Saw it in Gung Ho. Great flick. Teaches you alot about cultural relations and crap. Ken's an idiot.