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DadBoner - Wed Apr 20 2011

11:14 AM #
Happy wing wednesday, you guys! Got 2 dozen, ate 17. That means 7 for a nice lefties snack! Finally got my system down to a science.

11:19 AM #
Had a couple cold ones at lunch. I don't always drink beer in the middle of the day, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis, or any other beer.

11:24 AM #
There's nothin worse than leaving a comfy sports bar on a crappy day to go back to your stupid job. NOTHING. Might have to fake diarrhea.

01:38 PM #
When you eat 18 wings and have 2 beers for lunch, you don't really have to "fake" diarrhea. Goin "home." "Home" is code for "BW3s."