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DadBoner - Tue Apr 26 2011

11:49 AM #
Had to go to a stupid Easter egg hunt with my son on Saturday, hungover. Stepped on a plastic egg in my Tevas and rolled my ankle bad.

11:52 AM #
Been laid up with my bum foot at Ann's. "Think I tore a ligament."Milking it for all it's worth, really getting the full service.

11:53 AM #
Told my son it was his fault I had to go to the stupid egg hunt. Made him bring me cold ones and ham all weekend like a slave!

11:56 AM #
Showed up 4 hrs late for work today on crutches. No one cared! I must say, being crippled is pretty great, you guys.

12:28 PM #
Ken asked me how I hurt my ankle. Told him I kicked in a door. Didn't wanna take any guff for, "I stepped on an Easter egg."

12:32 PM #
Kicking in a door is easily the most badass way to hurt your ankle. Probably happened to guys like TJ Hooker and Hunter all the time.

02:20 PM #
Just told work, "Oh brother, my ankle hurts SO bad. Sorry guys, gotta go home and ice it." More like, ice my throat with a cold one. Ha!

02:23 PM #
Headed to Ann's for supper. Told her I need a nice fat, juicy steak, pronto when I get there. She said, ok! This is the life, you guys!