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DadBoner - Wed Apr 27 2011

12:11 PM #
Happy wing wednesday, you guys! Went to BW3s. Got so much sympathy for my crutches, they gave me a free Diet Coke! Felt like a rock star.

12:15 PM #
Hope this sprained ankle lasts as long as possible. Crippled people really are livin the dream. Freebies and sympathy are where it's at.

12:18 PM #
My son feels SO bad about my sprain. "I hurt Daddy! Waaahhh!" What a crybaby. Still, nice to know he respects his hero.

12:49 PM #
Nosey lady asked if I have a doctor's note to be late for work. I'm on crutches! Doctor's notes are for when you FAKE being sick, idiot.

02:25 PM #
Headin to Ann's early for supper. Told nosey lady I have a doctor's appointment. If she wants to tangle with me, let's get it on!

02:28 PM #
Ann's makin me some feel better Pork Chops. Wives are really great when you need them for something. Chops better have big flavors though.