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DadBoner - Thu Apr 28 2011

12:16 PM #
Clangin around in the toilet stall with my crutches sounds like a damn runaway trolley. Work really needs to put in a handicapped john.

12:18 PM #
I mean, if there's a handicrapper available, I always use it. The space is just so luxurious. But now I actually NEED it, you guys.

12:28 PM #
Dave thinks I'm faking because after a few cold ones last night I just walked to take a whizz without crutches. Cold ones numb you, Dave!

12:31 PM #
Dave thinks he knows about doctor things because he watches that horrible Grey's Anatomy. Sure thing, Dr. Dave. More like Dr. Crap.

12:41 PM #
I told Dave, real men don't watch Grey's Anatomy. They watch that House guy. He knows how to kickbutt, party, and doctor people to health.

01:00 PM #
Almost forgot, Happy Thirstday, you guys!