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DadBoner - Sat Apr 30 2011

09:44 AM #
Just woke up on the couch. Passed out before I could get after that Tombstone. Looks like Dave hogged it all down. Really steamed.

09:45 AM #
When one man makes another man a supreme pizza, you AT LEAST leave him a few slices for the effort. That's just guy code.

09:48 AM #
Really p.o.'d. Some Tombstone lefties jazzed up Captain Karl style would sure hit the spot right now. That's breakfast done right.

11:42 AM #
Remember when french bread pizzas were all the rage? Never hear about them anymore. Why quit something that was such a crowd pleaser?

11:43 AM #
That's it. I'm running to the store to whip up some homemade french bread pizzas, Captain Karl style. They're gonna be so money, you guys.

11:45 AM #
First, I'm gonna have 4 or 5 more Crown & Diets for inspiration. Can't work up a mean hunger without a mean thirst, and some Allman Bros.

11:47 AM #
You should see Dave dancin around like an excited little kid about french bread pizzas. We got that Saturday buzz crankin like a hive!

11:52 AM #
Midnight Rider! Heck yeah! Saturdays is what that crap is made for! Can't even feel my busted ankle. We are doing this all the way Ray!!!

12:11 PM #
If there's one song I could always relate to, it's Allman Bros "Ramblin Man." Some fellas just weren't meant to be tied down, you guys.

06:29 PM #
Saturday took a bad turn when Dave tried to do a karate spin kick and fell on my bum ankle. He broke a lamp though, which was cool.

06:33 PM #
Ankle's really hurt, you guys. Tryin to ice it down. Not Dave's fault, I bet him $5 he couldn't do 2 spin kicks in a row. Sucker's bet.