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DadBoner - Tue May 03 2011

11:40 AM #
Gettin looks at work like, "STILL on crutches, huh?" It actually hurts really bad now! Don't think anyone buys the Dave spinkick story.

11:43 AM #
I forget how boring some people's lives are that it's inconceivable to them that I bet my roomie $5 he couldn't do 2 spinkicks in a row.

11:46 AM #
Me & Dave are probably 2 of the hardest partiers in the Flint area. Work people just look at me as the guy who clogged the toilet once.

11:48 AM #
I bet if nosey lady at work could see my night moves, it'd blow her mind. Maybe I'd get more respect or sympathy sometimes.

05:40 PM #
Supper with Ann & the kids tonight was pathetic. My underpants have bolder flavors than that slop she calls "Chicken & Rice."

05:44 PM #
Just realized what I said might be taken the wrong way. Don't mean to be a grossout, even though supper really did suck my rear end.

05:50 PM #
Guy Fieri woulda thrown that crap at the wall if Ann was on DDD and laughed in her face! Me and Guy both crave kicked up bold flavors.

05:53 PM #
All it really takes is some magic from chipotle peppers, mayo, bacon, garlic, or cheese, and any dish can go to Flavor Town, you guys.

05:58 PM #
Still starving. Gonna make some Sloppy unJoe's a la Karl. Gonna take the flavors way out of bounds, southwestern style with a real kick!

07:07 PM #
The kicked up flavors of these Sloppy unJoes (no bun) are off the chain! Kinda too spicy to eat, but that's what cold ones are for.

07:09 PM #
Warned Dave about the bold flavor of the Sloppies. He ate a huge spoonful anyway. Now he's dumping Palmolive in his mouth like a spazz.

10:27 PM #
Too much Sloppy unJoes. Stomach hurts. Real bad. Real, real bad. Might as well just sleep in the john tonight. Not kidding, you guys.