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DadBoner - Thu May 05 2011

11:36 AM #
Bad news, today isn't Friday. Was really bummed. Thought it was. Good news: it's Cinco de Mayo AND on a Thirstday! Super pumped, you guys.

11:39 AM #
So excited to whip up a batch of my World Famous Cap'n Karl's Special Recipe Margs I can hardly sit still at work. I make THE best margs.

11:44 AM #
Went for Taco Bell today. Got 5 Grilled Steak Soft Tacs. Kept it simple for that authentic mexican taste in honor of the celebration.

12:00 PM #
Cinco de Mayo is a special day when Mexicans put their guns & knives down to celebrate a proud heritage of eats & drinks.

12:16 PM #
Always admired the Mexican people. They love big flavors, cold ones, & takin it easy. If I was Mexican, it'd be Cinco De Mayo everyday.

12:17 PM #
Work didn't even do ANYTHING for the celebration. So disrespectful to the Mexican people on their biggest day of the year, you guys.

01:14 PM #
Ann just called to say she's making Taco Salad for supper. No es muy bueno. I gotta get home to make my margs!

01:16 PM #
Taco Salad doesn't have that authentic bold flavor I crave. Plus, Mexicans didn't invent it until like 1983.

03:31 PM #
Told Ann, "Sorry babe. Can't come by tonight. Dave planned a big fiesta and I can't let down my main man." Yeah right he did. Ha!

03:34 PM #
I wish Chi Chi's was still open. They had incredible Wet Burritos. And the fried ice cream was top notch. They always did the Cinco right.

03:38 PM #
Headin home. Gotta stop off for marg mixins and Dos Equis. I bet The Most Interesting Man In The World can't top my special margs.

03:41 PM #
I don't always use the term, "booze taste sensation," but when I do, I'm probably talkin about Cap'n Karl's Special Muy Bueno Margs.

03:51 PM #
Dave wants to head to Don Pablo's later. He said, "the saucy latinos will all be horned up." Hope he meant "latinas." I worry about him.

07:14 PM #
Time for margo numero quatro. Crankin up the Santana. Just pure smoothness all around, you guys. Even made some of my big flavor guac!

11:24 PM #
/really took it to the limmit. siesta timeyoug uys,