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DadBoner - Fri May 06 2011

09:48 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys. Happy Friday to ya.

09:50 AM #
I don't know how Mexicans party like that everyday. Just such a mess. Goin to take a nap on the toilet.

12:54 PM #
Holy crap. Just woke up in the john. So dehydrated. Crutches and leg cramps are a bad combo. Crashed into the water cooler. Hurtin bad.

03:18 PM #
Headin home finally. Really need some r&r. And a big bag of goddamn Wendy's. LARGE Frosty. I don't feel healthy, really need a boost.

04:57 PM #
Wendy's really hit the spot. Took down 4 Jr. Bacons, Large Frosty, 2, 5 Pc. Spicy Chicken Nuggs, and a large fry. Lettin it settle.

05:00 PM #
Gotta tell you guys, Wendy's Natural Cut Fries are just dynamite. They're always fresh. You'd have to be a real assclown not to like 'em.

05:02 PM #
Feelin alot better. Screw it, I'm headin to Cold One City. Why fight it? Friday on, you guys! Just gonna take a quick Wendy's b.m. first.