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DadBoner - Mon May 09 2011

11:14 AM #
Really went all out for Mom's day. Got Ann a chocolate rose, giant novelty card, and a copy of Date Night, from 7-11!

11:16 AM #
Sometimes, simple, thoughtful gifts are the best. No need for fancy Zales jewelry. 7-11 does Mom's day just fine, you guys.

11:17 AM #
And, because I didn't show up to Ann's until 10:00 last night, without a phone call or anything, she thought it was a huge surprise!

11:18 AM #
Ann wouldn't hardly talk to me. I think she was kinda choked up from my thoughtfulness. Captain Karl knows how to treat the ladies.

11:20 AM #
Plus, when you go to 7-11 for Mom's day gifts, you can get yourself a Chili Cheese Big Bite as a reward. They're such a classic.

03:41 PM #
Headin over for supper with Ann & the kids. I bet she's still ridin high off my Mom's day gifts. Tip: 7-11, never forget, for great gifts.

07:54 PM #
I stand corrected. Ann's pretty steamed about the 7-11 gifts. Keeps doing that fake crazy smile and sayin,"Oh, everything's fine, Karl."

07:56 PM #
Oh, SO SORRY I didn't go to Zales. What ever happened to, "it's the thought that counts?" Women can be so petty.