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DadBoner - Wed May 11 2011

10:18 AM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys. Took out 18 Caribbean Jerks. Loaded with island spices, it's just an exotic, delicious sauce. Big flavor.

10:51 AM #
Ann is still doing the crazy weird fake smile thing and being overly fake nice to me like I'm stupid. Really getting old. Sick of this.

10:58 AM #
Gonna get this to shut Ann up about Mom's Day. She loves that crappy show.

11:11 AM #
7-11 should sell jewelry. It'd really make gift giving for special occasions a lot more convenient. Might make a call with the idea.

11:35 PM #
Gave Ann the Cougar necklace. She thought it was a joke. Really hurt my feelings. Drinking them away. Far, far, away.

11:37 PM #
NEVER try and do nice things without expecting the chance of feelin down when you're not appreciated. Can't sleep. So bummed.

11:38 PM #
Cougartown is Ann's favorite show. It was a COUGAR necklace from ZALES. What woman wouldn't swoon over such a perfect gift? Ann.

11:40 PM #
So sick of this. Hanging out in Cold One City, where no one judges, and everyone's your pal, even if you're all alone.