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DadBoner - Thu May 12 2011

11:04 AM #
Happy Thirstday, you guys. Really draggin my behind today. Stayed up way too late. Too many cold ones. Might be a toilet nap kinda day.

11:17 AM #
My bro Al just rang. Wants to go to the Tiger game on Saturday. Look out Comerica, the Welzein bad boys are comin! Super pumped, you guys.

11:22 AM #
Really lookin forward to the weekend, you guys. Roadies on the way to Comerica, dogs and cold ones. Can't wait can't wait!

11:26 AM #
It's ok to drink while you're driving to a sporting event or a concert. But only if you're an adult with a cool car or a conversion van.

12:55 PM #
Ken said he can hook up me & Al with some Cuban stoagies for the Tigers trip. Haven't had one in forever. They're just the best.

12:58 PM #
Nothin like cruisin down I-75 with big G&T roadie, a fat Cuban cigar, and rockin some Allman Bros with the top down on the Sebring.

01:02 PM #
Cubans love big flavors, sandwiches, cigars and baseball. The ones that aren't drug dealers are really good people, you guys.