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DadBoner - Fri May 13 2011

12:48 PM #
And we're buyyyyying, a stairway, to Fridaaaayyyyyyy!! Happy Friday, to ya, you guys! Suped pumped for the weekend.

03:45 PM #
Had to stay late at work. Sick of this crap. Don't care if my stuff isn't finished. I'm going to Paddy's aka Cold One City. Friday on!

09:40 PM #
Just back fromm Paddy's. had soem drinlks. Can't wait to see the tigs tomrorrow! F33l the roar! Gonna make a bureet.

09:42 PM #
Melting some american onn turkey iion a burrtirito shell with otsauce! Big glflavoeres, you gurs!!!!

09:45 PM #
Screw ut, Im amkine a stupid crap,Dave, Love you ugys. shit i love you ghusy. greatt fridaay. FRIDAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!

09:51 PM #
Dmnit. Stupid keyboasd is alll stickcky. DAve spilled pepsi on it. so hrad to type. doine all i can here.