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DadBoner - Sun May 15 2011

11:31 AM #
Really had a blast with Al at the Tigs game yesterday. Daiquiri's were in full order. Went down SO smooth. Musta had 8 of 'em by the 5th.

11:33 AM #
Me and Al sat behind some loudmouth Royals fans. Al told 'em to "suck my ass" about hundred times. Al'd be great at a Friar's roast.

11:37 AM #
When they turned around, I told the loudmouths "you don't want a piece of the Welzein bad boys!" Then we high fived and they left. Ha!

11:39 AM #
Probably the best part of the day was when I got a "Let's Go Tigers!" chant going in the bathroom. Really felt on top of the world.

11:50 AM #
I usually don't like to overdo it, but it's kind of a tradition to get REALLY bombed at a baseball game. Plus, it amps up the excitement.

11:52 AM #
Al bet me $5 I couldn't eat 6 hot dogs. Cost me almost $40, didn't think of that. But I did it anyway. A bets a bet, you guys.

11:59 AM #
After we were asked to leave the game for some reason I still don't remember, we hit Cheli's Chili Bar. It's the best for afties.

12:01 PM #
Cheli's might be the best sports bar in the country. Their homemade chili is out of bounds with big flavor...

12:04 PM #
...and their 14 hour house smoked pulled pork and brisket are so tender you could eat it all day with an ice cream scoop.

12:07 PM #
Me & Al started off with Fried Canadian Rib Tips. Really off the chain. Then we went for the Cheli's Chili Nachos. Just dynamite.

12:19 PM #
What really took me to Flavor Town, was the Cheli's Chili 4-Way. Chili & fixins OVER spaghetti! So money, you guys. Guy would go bananas!

12:33 PM #
Took down about 8 more Labatt's, that's when Al broke the toilet and we had to leave. Cheli's Chili Bar is just the best.

12:36 PM #
Got about half way home, but decided to drink responsibly. Pulled off on Big Beaver road & slept in the Sebring at the Drury Inn.

12:38 PM #
Nothing like a nap in your car in a motel parking lot to get yourself refreshed for a safe drive home when you've been drinkin all day.

12:42 PM #
I was KILLIN Al with my "chili bombs" in the car. Windows, up, heat blasting. Nothin like hotboxing your bro. Ha! Then he puked. Felt bad.

12:45 PM #
Sometimes you can take a beef joke too far, you guys. Remember, the gag's over when someone upchucks in your Sebring.

12:46 PM #
Just realized I left my debit card at Cheli's. Waitress should have said something when we were running out after breaking the toilet.

07:05 PM #
Watchin the b-ball game. Made a Deep Dish DiGiorno pie. Real authentic Chicago taste, you guys. Da...Bulls da Bulls da Bulls da Bulls! Ha!

07:07 PM #
Dave keeps doin his Chris Farley Chicago guy impression. SO funny. He should seriously try out for Saturday Night Live.