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DadBoner - Mon May 16 2011

11:23 AM #
Gettin back on a health kick. Ate JUST the insides of 3 Taco Bell Beefy Melt Burritos. Startin the week off right. Beach season's comin.

01:10 PM #
My guts are all in knots from eating the insides of those Beefy Melty Burreets. Happens when you take time off from a healthy diet.

01:14 PM #
I wouldn't say I'm "breaking" wind. More like I'm "smashing it to bits with a wrecking ball." Keep having to go outside to "get some air."

01:16 PM #
I heard dirty hippies always have problems beefing from their health food. Only they think it's natural instead of just plain disgusting.

01:18 PM #
God this is terrible. Can't hardly stand to be around myself. Maybe I just need to force out a healthy bm. Really grunt out the sucker.

03:21 PM #
Really pulled my back gruntin in the john. Headin to Ann's for supper. Gonna have to eat on the couch though. Tryin to be optimistic.