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DadBoner - Tue May 17 2011

12:09 PM #
Last night, kids were asking why I had to have supper on the couch. Ann told 'em it's because I "pooped my back out." Really unnecessary.

12:12 PM #
It started an hour long conversation about "how" and "why" I could poop my back out. Made me feel like an idiot. Families can be cruel.

12:18 PM #
My son kept asking "how big are Daddy's b.m.s?" I told him that's personal, private information and he was rude to ask. He needs manners.

07:45 PM #
Havin a few cold ones. Tryin to relax. Supper was crap. Work was crap. Wife is crap. Kids are crap. Everything's crap but these cold ones.