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DadBoner - Wed May 18 2011

11:11 AM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys. Kept it light with a dozen Hot BBQ. Feelin kinda down. Plus, I'm really chasin that beach body.

11:21 AM #
BW3's didn't have any LITE blue cheese. Got super P.O'd. Feel like the world is against healthy guys like me tryin to get in shape.

12:55 PM #
Heard my man Arnold had a breakup with that news gal. Must be hard on him. Always seemed like a tough guy with a good heart. I can relate.

12:59 PM #
I'd love to sit down with Arnold for a cold one, just talkin life and love. Hey pal, if you're ever around my way, first one's on me.

01:07 PM #
Relationships are tough. But when you find a special gal, you gotta just drag it out even if neither of you are happy. That's what love is.