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DadBoner - Fri May 20 2011

10:09 AM #
Rest in peace, Macho Man Randy Savage. Sad Friday, you guys. Everyone crack open a cold one for the champ. Show some respect. Dig it!

11:13 AM #
Really bummed. Treated myself to the Smokehouse Chicken Stack and a few Sam Adams at Applebee's. Isn't sittin well. Too sad I guess.

11:20 AM #
The Sizzling Smokehouse Chicken Stack is Chicken breast seasoned with BBQ spices then topped with shaved ham, Applewood smoked bacon...

11:20 AM #
... and melted cheddar cheese. Served atop two corn cakes with a BBQ demi-glaze and a side of cheesy corn. How'd they screw THAT up?!

11:22 AM #
Eatin good in the neighborhood? More like throwin up hard in the parking lot.

11:52 AM #
Nosey lady asked why I'm bummed. Told her about Randy. She said, "oh c'mon, the Slim Jim guy?!" So steamed. I'm leaving. Stupid idiot sow.

12:01 PM #
Friday on, you guys. Let's have a proper weekend for the Macho Man. A TRUE American hero. Work can kiss my white butt. I'm outta here.