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DadBoner - Mon May 23 2011

01:36 PM #
Tried to start the week right with a $5 Subway Footlong. No bread. So unsatisfied. Need a snack. Subway is ALWAYS a mistake. So terrible.

01:48 PM #
Headin to 7-11 for some Jack Link's. Spicy jerky always hits the spot with it's bold flavors. It's a healthy snack a real man can enjoy.

02:48 PM #
Buncha cops hangin out at 7-11. Always thought I'd make a good cop. Hangin out, snackin, takin down bad guys, drivin fast. Love that stuff.

10:57 PM #
Can't sleep. Dave is snoring so loud it sounds like he's rippin Wendy's chili beefs out of his nose. Think he has some health problems.

10:59 PM #
I wish Dave would take a few pointers from me on gettin healthy. I worry sometimes. Gonna make a Double Crown & Diet to try conk me out.

11:31 PM #
Oh god! I can't stand this! Gonna go plug his nose. I gotta get some rest.