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DadBoner - Thu May 26 2011

11:19 AM #
Bad news for Memorial Day weekend, you guys. Weather report says it's gonna be pourin down cold ones, brats & good times. Ha!

11:24 AM #
Memorial Day weekend is the time we drink up all the booze & eat up all the grub that the soldiers who died didn't get to. It's important.

11:26 AM #
If I went out on the battlefield in a blaze of glory or even a helicopter crash, I'd damn sure want everyone partyin hard for Captain Karl.

11:34 AM #
Gettin this bad boy for the celebration!

02:38 PM #
Can't believe we have to work tomorrow. The troops deserve AT LEAST a 4 day weekend. 3 days isn't nearly enough partyin for their sacrifice.

02:40 PM #
Might fake diarrhea or the pukes tomorrow and take the day off. Lying isn't wrong if you're doing it to support the USA, you guys.