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DadBoner - Fri May 27 2011

11:54 AM #
Lovin' a Friday-vator, livin' it, cold ones goin down! Ha! Happy Friday to ya, you guys! SUPER PUMPED FOR THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!

11:57 AM #
Did the right thing, didn't fake the runs and went into work. Good thing, they gave us a half day. Never waste a lie you can use later.

12:45 PM #
Man, just knowin' I have THREE more days off is makin these cold ones go down so smooth, you guys. Makin a batch of my special margs.

01:03 PM #
Time to cook up some Johnsonvilles. I pre-cook 'em in beer & onions for an extra kick. Just another big flavor secret up my sleeve (wink).

01:09 PM #
Seriously, you guys. This is all for the troops who gave their lives so we can have cold ones, eats & a nice long weekend. Never forget.

01:15 PM #
Dave just put ketchup on his brat. I wanna punch him in the face. Sorry to curse, but what an an asshole. That's like spittin on the flag.

01:18 PM #
These margs are really strong. Gettin a MEAN buzz. Feelin good! Still wanna kick Dave's butt for the ketchupp on the brat thing. USA!

01:26 PM #
I gotta lay down for a sec. Think I made these margs toostrong. Shouldn't of done those shjots either.