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DadBoner - Tue May 31 2011

09:16 AM #
Really draggin' today. They should really give us a day off for some r&r after a long weekend like that. Not gonna do any work anyway.

09:22 AM #
Only good thing about today are all the brat lefties I packed for lunch. Brought 6 of 'em. No buns. Gotta get back on my diet program.

09:33 AM #
I don't understand why anyone would ever buy the Johnsonvilles WITHOUT the cheese in 'em. They're a bold taste sensation, you guys.

09:45 AM #
Nosey lady just said, "Are those the weird sausages with the cheese in them? So bad for you." First, they're BRATS. Secondly, you SUCK.

09:46 AM #
If YOU don't like cheese on stuff like hamburgs, in brats, pizza, bagels, sammies, fries & pasta; people probably don't like YOU very much.

09:50 AM #
I understand some folks get the toots from cheese, but the trade is plenty worth it. We all get the toots from certain foods. It's natural.

10:13 AM #
Nosey lady just told me that some Jewish people don't eat meat & cheese together. That's just ignorant. No religion is that stupid.

03:49 PM #
Think Ann's till steamed about Sunday's incidents, calling her friend Tina's breasts, "sloppers", etc. She said not to come for supper.

03:53 PM #
Like not having supper with my LOVELY fam is punishment. Oh boohoo! Now I HAVE to watch the Tiger game while I eat in front of the TV!

03:58 PM #
Don't know why Ann wanted me to come over for a Memorial Day BBQ anyways. She always judges. Like it's a crime to pass out in a lawn chair.