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DadBoner - Wed Jun 01 2011

11:14 AM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys! Ken just showed me the Dick in The Box song. Losing it over here! Might trick Dave later.

11:23 AM #
The song goes like: "1, put the dick in the box. 2, keep the dick in the box. 3, show you the dick in the box." It's real raunchy guy humor.

11:25 AM #
Took down 18 Mango Habanero wings. Off the hook with bold flavors. Really packed a punch. I sweat through my shirt and had to change!

11:29 AM #
Only shirt I had in the car was an Under Armour muscle tee for my workouts. Looks like the work gals are in for a treat. Lookin buff.

12:06 PM #
Wearin this muscle tee seemed like a good idea, but at work I feel kinda self conscious. No one likes a show off, you guys. Gettin looks.

12:08 PM #
Gonna run home to change. Havin some stomach problems anyway. Think I got a bad Diet Coke or something.

02:16 PM #
Got sucked into a ball game and watched a few Dog The Bounty Hunters at home. I should take a break like this everyday. Dog is so kickass.

02:53 PM #
Feel like I'd be a good bounty hunter. One thing I really believe in is justice. Plus, you get to wear fingerless gloves like a bad boy.

05:33 PM #
Went to Ann & the kids' for supper. Wasn't anyone home & she won't answer her phone. Kinda worried. No way she's still P.O.'d about Sunday?

05:36 PM #
I mean, it's great I get to have a bachelor's supper. Just hope nothing's wrong. I'd hate to waste all night in a hospital or some crap.

05:38 PM #
This isn't like Ann to disappear without telling me. Trying to think good thoughts. Gonna have a few Crown & Diets to take the edge off.

10:00 PM #
Ann never called. Kinda late, but gonna call Ann. Almost outta Crown. Really wanna talk to her before I hit the sack. Make sure she's safe.

10:11 PM #
Ann didn't pick up. Callin Ann back.

10:26 PM #
Gonna try Ann again. Gotta catch some z's.

11:07 PM #
Ann keeps going to voicemail. Gonna hit the sack. Out of Crown anyway. Hope she's ok.