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DadBoner - Thu Jun 02 2011

11:40 AM #
Ann just called. Said she didn't appreciate all my drunk late night phone calls. I was worried. Of course I got a little drunk.

11:52 AM #
I guess she took the kids out for Chinese. Coulda told me. Guess she's still sore about the Memorial Day thing. Feel left out.

11:55 AM #
Families can really be cruel sometimes. I think I just might care too much. Plus, I love the bold flavors of the Orient. Ann knows that.

11:58 AM #
I think that Tina Carlson is getting in Ann's head about our relationship. She needs to butt out. She's a know nothing bag of crap.

11:59 AM #
Might call Tina and give her a piece of my mind. If thinks all I have up my sleeve is callin her boobs, "sloppers", she's dead wrong.

12:11 PM #
So upset. Could hardly finish my Quiznos Chipotle Prime Rib unsub. Meat was piled high too. Goin to the john for some thinkin & stinkin.

12:29 PM #
Called Tina from the pot. Told her I was thinkin of her. She said Why? I said, Cause you're full of crap, then let loose with a monster bm.

12:34 PM #
I think Tina really got the message, if you know what I mean. I been watchin some roasts. I can bring it on with the crude humor, you guys.

12:42 PM #
Ann just called. Let's see how SHE likes it when I don't answer. Love is a two way street, baby.

01:02 PM #
Really lookin forward to the weekend, you guys.

04:21 PM #
Didn't even ask Ann bout supper. She musta called 20 times. Real game of cat & mouse. Bet she's impressed how I bm'd into the phone at Tina.

04:24 PM #
When you're defending a relationship, sometimes have to push boundaries. Even if if means audibly crapping at an intruder. Shows you care.