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DadBoner - Sat Jun 04 2011

11:05 AM #
Karoke was really slammin' last night at Wild Spurs. Did "Livin On A Prayer." EVERYONE sang along. Felt on top of the world!

11:08 AM #
When you have a gift like singing, sometimes it doesn't really shine through until you've had 8 or so cocktails. I think I've got the chops.

11:10 AM #
People were buying me drinks after I did Bon Jovi. Kinda know how he must feel after a show. The rock n roll lifestyle really has its perks.

11:12 AM #
You guys should have heard how loud everyone roared when I took my shirt off for the last verse. Folks went BONKERS. Diet's payin off.

11:18 AM #
I shoulda joined a band when I was younger. Coulda been a huge star. Having a family really crushes all the dreams you didn't know you had.

11:21 AM #
Makin a Bacardi & Diet. Gonna practice Van Halen's Jump for next week. If they liked Bon Jovi, they'll lose their crap for Diamond Dave.

03:02 PM #
Dave wants to do a duet for karoke next week. When you're a rocker, everyone wants a piece of your spotlight.

03:04 PM #
I told Dave no on the karoke duet. I'm not trying to send out the wrong message like Hall & Oates, if you know what I mean.

07:47 PM #
Gonna head over to Wild Spurs. Maybe see some of my new karoke pals from last night. They really get the rock n roll lifestyle like I do.