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DadBoner - Sun Jun 05 2011

02:48 PM #
Pretty banged up today. Kinda over did it tryin to recapture the magic from karoke Friday. Wild Spurs wasn't the same without the spotlight.

02:57 PM #
People don't treat you the same when you're not rockin out some Bon Jovi with no shirt on. Really shows you how people get starstruck.

03:02 PM #
Sure, the Wild Spurs dancers were still smokin hot. But they didn't even look my way last night. Had the Guy Fieri look goin and everything.

03:22 PM #
Kinda got the Sunday blues. This must be how rockers like Seger feel like when the get off the road. Just part of the lifestyle I guess.

03:27 PM #
Gonna flip through this old copy of Penthouse I found under the sink. Might cheer me up. I'm a Penthouse man from way back, you guys.

05:24 PM #
Dave's givin me crap for readin this Penthouse. Jack mags aren't just for jackin. They can be for readin too. I'm not some animal.

05:28 PM #
As a Penthouse man, sometimes enjoyin the foxy babes for their beauty is enough. You don't always have to work on your plumbing.

05:32 PM #
Told Dave, when there's a racy scene with a dynamite gal like Demi Moore, I don't just start tuggin away in the theater. Have some class.

05:39 PM #
Masturbation is a personal private thing for in the shower, your own room, or your car. Keep it to yourself, no one wants to know your biz.