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DadBoner - Tue Jun 07 2011

11:04 AM #
Brought in some Tim McGraw Cologne, a pack of Big Red, and another Penthouse for the john at work. Classin it up like at a nice restaurant.

11:23 AM #
Thought about gettin a candle for the john, but I think a nice box of strike anywheres does the job of coverin up a p.u. just fine.

11:26 AM #
I used to chew on strike anywhere matches like Sly did in Cobra. Looks SO badass. Might have to bring that look back.

11:51 AM #
Changed it up for the day with a pic from way back. Only took me about an hour to figure out how to do it. Inspiration to get back in shape!

05:25 PM #
At Paddy's with Dave. He just told some babe to "lose the zero and get with the hero." Didn't work, but it's a pretty boss move, you guys.

05:38 PM #
Dave just had an idea. If we learn gal's names, we can look 'em up for possible swimsuit pics on that myspace with my laptop. See the goods!