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DadBoner - Wed Jun 08 2011

02:29 AM #
Just woke up fron a couch nap. Dave is on the couhch watcing Casino, eatin a soy sauce sandwinch. what an idioty.

11:25 AM #
Had to change my pic back. Can't live in the past like some Springsteen song, you guys.

11:29 AM #
It's so hot and muggy. Air conditioning at work can hardly keep up. Kinda hungover. Wish I was still at BW3s. That place is like heaven.

11:35 AM #
Really lookin forward to the weekend, you guys.

11:45 AM #
Can't take this heat. Goin to work in the john where it's cool. Always thought it was badass how Fonzie had his office in the toilet.

03:35 PM #
Man, the john at work was THE coolest place to be today. No one thinks I was stupid for classin' it up now. Might get a mini fridge for it.

05:44 PM #
Still so hot. Wonder if there's any side effects from puttin too much Gold Bond on your plumbing? Least my boys can keep cool.

05:47 PM #
Me and Dave are goin to Cold One City. Nothin beats the heat like an ice cold can of Busch or 12. Sweatin out most of it anyway.

06:09 PM #
Dave has some serious swamp ass goin. Those grey sweatpant shorts didn't stand a chance. He's such a grossout.