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DadBoner - Sat Jun 11 2011

01:25 PM #
Karoke was kind of a disaster. Invited Al, Dave, Ken and Dave's buddy, Crazy Cooter. Waited 3 hours to go up. Drank 4, 5 Hour Energies.

01:28 PM #
Was supposed to sing Van Halen's Jump, like I practiced for, but they played Panama instead. Tried to make up for my vocals with my moves.

01:30 PM #
I was pretty bombed from the 5 Hours & about 10 Bacardi & Diets, did some Diamond Dave spin kicks & knocked over the PA system.

01:33 PM #
I fell off the stage and hurt my elbow pretty bad. The Wild Spurs gals got super P.O.'d. Felt like a real assclown like Michael Anthony.

01:35 PM #
Wasn't really kicked out, but they made me leave. Couldn't find my keys. Fell out of my pocket when I was doin spin kicks.

01:36 PM #
I had to BEG to go back in the bar and get my keys. Was on the floor looking and someone spilled a whole beer on me.

01:37 PM #
I started to get the spins from all the excitement. Felt like I was gonna pass out. Puked all over the floor. That's when I got KICKED OUT.

01:38 PM #
Dave finally found my keys. Woke up in the Sebring this morning soaked in beer and barf. They just left me there. Some kinda friends, huh?

01:43 PM #
Bacardi needs to make more realistic commercials. Have one where a grown man is blacked out in his Sebring, covered in puke.

01:46 PM #
I think I might really need to shape up, you guys. Might cut back to just brewskis for a while. Or vodka. Hear it's better for you.

05:06 PM #
Polished off a Papa John's "John's Favorite" to patch up my war wounds. When you party hard, you gotta take care of your body, you guys.

05:14 PM #
Papa John likes 'em with 'roni, sausage, SIX cheeses, and special herbs and spices. Big flavor, you guys. Such a winning combination.

05:18 PM #
Papa's In The House!

05:33 PM #
Hi, I'm Dave! Karl's roommate. Dont know what this email crap is. Karl's takin a huge pizza shit right now. HUGE. He makes like 6 a day. Bye

06:05 PM #
DAVE IS GONNA PAY FOR THAT. BIG TIME. Super P.O'd. I'm goin to Paddy's for $12 beer buckets. Sick of this. Sick of everyone!!!!!!!