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DadBoner - Mon Jun 13 2011

11:18 AM #
Wonder what the kids have cooked up for Dad's Day? Should probably give 'em a ring. Been a few weeks. Communication is important, you guys.

01:35 PM #
Keepin it healthy with an xl Muscle Blaster from Tropical Smoothies. Feelin good! It's smart to give your body a recharge once in awhile.

04:30 PM #
This Father's Day, get Dad somethin he really wants. Maybe a Calloway driver, a Kegerator, or shuttin your mouth about him boozin too much.

04:34 PM #
Made a healthy salad for supper. Lots of meats & cheeses, LITE ranch (big flavor but lo-cal), & a SMALL side of garlic bread for clean up.