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DadBoner - Wed Jun 15 2011

11:23 AM #
Keepin' it healthy on Wing Wednesday with 6 Asian Zing wings (Asian = health) and a chicken tender salad on the side. Proud of myself.

01:37 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

01:57 PM #
Still wonder what Ann & the kids have planned for Dad's Day? Not returning my calls. Haven't talked in a while. Must be keepin it hush hush.

02:10 PM #
Hope Ann makes that german potato salad I like. It's ok to cheat on your diet for Dad's Day when you've earned it, you guys.

02:13 PM #
Maybe Ann's gonna grill some big juicy steaks? Sure would be nice to kick back and get waited on. Makes a Dad really feel appreciated.

03:57 PM #
Had 4 Protein Plus Power Bars for supper. Healthy and satisfying. Time to work out my guns with some pushups. Turn the fuel into fire!

07:24 PM #
Those Power Bars gave me a case of the stinkers. Must be burnin fat outta my p.u. No pain, no gain, you guys.