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DadBoner - Thu Jun 16 2011

10:50 AM #
Kept it in the health zone with a Baja Salad from Wendy's. It's a hearty salad with a southwest flair, you guys. Real out of bounds flavor.

10:52 AM #
The Baja Salad from Wendy's features fresh pico, guac, and slow simmered chili. All topped with a creamy red jalapeno dressing.

10:53 AM #
Who knew Wendy's did mexican so right?! I mean, that's who mostly works there, so I guess it makes sense.

10:57 AM #
I don't want to stereotype that only mexicans work at Wendy's. Alot of blacks do too, and they do a fine job, I might add. No complaints.

11:25 AM #
There used to be a white guy who worked at the Wendy's I go to. He must have hit hard times. This economy is tough on some folks.

01:26 PM #
Taco Bell better keep an eye on Wendy's. Looks like they're making a move to be the new top dogs in the mexican food game. Real quality.

01:28 PM #
Taco Bell always wants you to "run to the border." More like "run to the restroom." Ha!

01:45 PM #
No word from Ann about the big Dad's Day celebration. Must be busy prepping. On Sunday, the Welzein clan must bow before King Karl!

02:27 PM #
Milk, milk, lemonade. Round the corner, whatever that Baja Salad from Wendy's turned into, is made.

04:21 PM #
Don't really appreciate Dave eatin Jose Ole burreets and drinkin cold ones while I'm tryin to be good. Losers love when other people fail.

04:24 PM #
Sick of this. Dave's disgusting me with those Jose Oles. Goin to eat my cottage cheese in the john.