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DadBoner - Fri Jun 17 2011

11:15 AM #
You gotta fight! For your right! To Friiiiiidaaaay! Happy Friday to ya, you guys. Really lookin' forward the Dad's Day weekend.

11:40 AM #
On the highway to the healthy zone today with the Chopped Farmhouse Salad from Arby's. It's salad without sacrifice, you guys.

11:46 AM #
On a salad, I like to go half Honey Mustard dressing and half Ranch. Keeps it healthy, and adds a new twist on off the hook bold flavors.

11:47 AM #
Gotta be good just one more day. Then, this weekend, it's all about hearty grub, cold ones, laughter and love with the fam.

11:52 AM #
Dad's Day is one of those special holidays you want to spend with loved ones. Not like 4th of July. Families get in the way of the party.

01:06 PM #
Why doesn't Old Spice make deodorant for your p.u.? Seems like it'd be a hit. Would love to feel fresh all day back there, you guys.