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DadBoner - Sun Jun 19 2011

01:48 PM #
Haven't heard from Ann yet. Havin a few cocktails. Who needs 'em. It's DAD'S day, not FAMILY day. Nuts to them if they want to be crappy.

01:51 PM #
Gonna treat myself to a nice Dad's Day pizza from Papa John's. Supreme, all the way. Pull out all the stops. Eatin all the slices I want.

01:53 PM #
Besides, I'm watchin the US Open. Probably wouldn't have time to make small talk with the fam anyway. This is just fine by me.

01:55 PM #
Double Crown & Diets are goin down so smooth, you guys. Ann gives me the stink eye when I get into the Crown. This is MY day.

02:36 PM #
Did a few shotskis, Papa's in the house, US Open is rockin. Might be the best Dad's Day ever. No need for that family time horsecrap.

03:06 PM #
Just a tip for all you Dad's out there; ditch the fam next year. You'll be glad ya did. Mean buzz on & no one's yappin their gums. Livin!

03:19 PM #
Ann just rang! Wants to know where I am?! Said she told me about 6pm supper last week, musta been boozed or forgot write it down!

03:23 PM #
Guess she has steaks goin, chips, cold ones, the works! Kinda bombed & stuffed with 'za, headin over on Dave's 10-Speed. The party's on!