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DadBoner - Tue Jun 21 2011

10:56 AM #
Wore shorts to work today because of my raw crotch. Nosey lady seems to have a beef with it. Oh, like she's never had a raw crotch before.

10:59 AM #
It's ok to break dress code at work due to an injury, special holidays, or if your weird God tells you to wear some dumb crap, you guys.

11:14 AM #
Why do people wear clothes to show off their religion like they're better than you? I just keep everything between me & the man upstairs.

11:24 AM #
Told nosey lady to go on a 2 mile bike ride in sweaty jean shorts and see how HER crotch feels! She shot me some look and wrote it down.

12:11 PM #
Nosey lady just "informed" me that "crotch" isn't an appropriate term for work. How about "burger meat?" Idiot. (didn't say that, but, ha!)

12:32 PM #
Kept it in the health zone with the Chicken Fiesta Salad from Taco Bell. The Citrus Salsa kicked it up with flavors of the mexican islands.

05:32 PM #
Health Tip: Turkey brats lend big flavor to any diet cookout. Pair with sauerkraut & plenty of MGD 64 for a taste treat without the guilt!

06:02 PM #
Now I know why they call 'em MGD "64s." That's how many I feel like I could actually drink. Light on flavor, big on smoothness.