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DadBoner - Wed Jun 22 2011

03:29 PM #
Starting to feel better. Took the day off. Just because you feel like you CAN drink 64 MGD 64's, doesn't mean you should try.

03:38 PM #
Funny how when you get in the health zone, your body can't handle 16-20 cold ones like it used to. Maybe I should cut back on my diet.

03:46 PM #
I should have never turned my back on bold flavor for the smoothness of MGD 64. Better to have 9 or 10 Busch heavies than that queer beer.

03:49 PM #
Sometimes you have to draw a line where the dieting stops and the good times roll, and for me, that line is MGD 64, you guys.

04:02 PM #
I didn't mean MGD 64 was "queer" beer like it's "gay." I meant it's for pansies. Homos like bold flavors too. Meant no disrespect.