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DadBoner - Thu Jun 23 2011

11:50 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

12:49 PM #
Might get the boat out this weekend. Really kick the summer off right. Cold ones, wavin at the babes, them wavin back. Nothin beats it.

02:35 PM #
My son always gets sick on boats. It's kind of why I don't think we can ever be close. Boating is a really important part of my life.

05:55 PM #
Headin over to Paddy McGee's with Dave for $3.50 wine night. Wine is heart healthy, you guys. And Dave has a real "horn on for some babes."

05:57 PM #
I don't like when Dave talks about gals. I never SEE him with any chicks, and once he told me how he "grabbed a babe's vag." Grabbed?!

05:59 PM #
Any real man knows you don't just go "grabbin around" in a babe's downtown area. It's not a bag of pretzels.

06:12 PM #
Told Dave he's goin about it all wrong with the babes. He needs to play it cool like Ric Flair. Style & Profile!

06:19 PM #
Dave told me, "like you know anything about, babes. I score all kinds of babes. I just keep it to myself." Reading Penthouse is NOT scoring.

06:21 PM #
Now Dave is all steamed and says he's going to his "secret stash" bar by himself. Oh, this is rich. Sure you are.

06:26 PM #
What if Dave really has a secret stash bar with babes galore? Might try and tail him. Been watchin alot of Dog.