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DadBoner - Fri Jun 24 2011

11:26 AM #
So, I tailed Dave to his "secret stash bar" of "hot babes." He bought a half pint of Jameson and drank it in the corner booth at Taco Bell.

11:29 AM #
Ain't lookin for nothin, but a FRIIIDAY! How can I resist?!! And it don't get better than this! Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

11:34 AM #
I wonder if Dave has erection problems? Maybe we should have a guy to guy about it. There's alot of good medication for that right now.

11:36 AM #
When 2 guys talk erections, it doesn't have to be gay. Sometimes I'm sure it is, but that's not my style. I can talk erections with a pal.

11:39 AM #
If there's 2 things that can really effect you feelin like a man, it's erection problems, and bein lactose intolerant. (No probs here, FYI)

11:46 AM #
All those wussies on the erection ads tryin to be ready for "romance" make me steamed. They're NEVER macho. Probs why their junk don't work.

11:49 AM #
They should make more realistic erection pill ads. Have a grown man drinkin a half pint of whisky in a Taco Bell booth, wanting to die.

11:59 AM #
After work, I'm gonna pick up a bunch of those Extenze drinks. Big Cherry flavor. Then me & Dave are gonna have a sit down about erections.

12:00 PM #
When a pal is havin tough times with booze, dope, or erections, a real man steps up to confront them about it. That's what friends do.

12:02 PM #
If there's one thing you need for a guy to guy erection talk, it's PLENTY of cold ones, you guys.