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DadBoner - Sun Jun 26 2011

10:20 AM #
Ate a load of crap on the links yesterday. Drank a buttload though. Felt like John Daly musta. Champs like him don't always have to "win."

10:24 AM #
Was takin a wiz on the 7th hole and some fat a-hole got all steamed about it. Peein & golf go together like brats & mustard! Idiot.

10:26 AM #
If there's one freedom left in this country, it's a man's right to take a leak on a golf course. I don't care if your gross wife is there.

10:29 AM #
Who golfs with their wife anyway? So stupid. Probably the same kinda guy who has their wife wipe 'em after them make #2.

10:31 AM #
Dave was pretty bombed and steamed that the fat a-hole piped up about his gross wife seein my plumbing. He started makin sow noises. Ha!

10:32 AM #
Dave may have some erection problems, but when he lays into a broad, he really goes to town. She was hurt, burnt, and crunchy.

10:36 AM #
The fat a-hole said he was going to tell management about our "behavior." I told him to "suck it, pal." Thought his head was gonna explode!

10:38 AM #
They just left without finishin their round. Who does that?! Guys who golf with their gross wife. She musta had to get back to her trough.

10:41 AM #
It's ok to hurt people's feelings really bad when they encroach on your personal freedoms like wizzing on a golf course, you guys.

10:45 AM #
If you get steamed at a gal, it doesn't matter if she's overweight or not, just make some sow noises. She'll be thinkin about it for DAYS.

12:00 PM #
Man, I haven't had a Stroh's in forever. Wonder if they still make it? Always went down smooth.

02:22 PM #
Dave just said he's going to "pinch a loaf." Now all I can think about is him makin a bread doodie. Why is he such an immature grossout?