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DadBoner - Tue Jun 28 2011

10:39 AM #
Was starvin when I got to Chili's last night. Decided to treat myself right. I've been good lately, so dinner for 2 for 1 was well earned.

10:41 AM #
The MargarEATathon is a true feast. Started with a half order of Texas Cheese fries. I don't know how a half order was supposed to be for 2.

10:44 AM #
Then, I went for the half rack of Baby Back Ribs. Again, half rack? That's HALF a meal, So I didn't feel guilty getting the second entree.

10:46 AM #
The ribs at Chili's were perfection. Fall off the bone tender, with out of bounds flavor. Chili's has always led the pack in the rib game.

10:48 AM #
For my second entree, I went for the Santa Fe Sizzling Skillet. Which looks like a disgusting pile of whoknowswhat, but was purty tasty.

10:50 AM #
Washed those bad boys down with 2 of Chili's world famous TOP SHELF margs. They went down so smooth, I just had to get a 3rd, 4th and 5th.

10:52 AM #
If you ever have the chance to get a top shelf marg, don't miss out, you guys. Really takes you back to old Meheeco.

10:55 AM #
Topped it all off with the Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie. So rich & decadent. Sometimes you just have to stop calorie counting and live life.

11:42 AM #
Thinkin it might be time for a new ride. Saw a 2008 PT Cruiser for sale this morning. Fully loaded. Looked pretty bitchin', you guys.