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DadBoner - Thu Jun 30 2011

10:47 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the 3 day weekend, you guys.

11:30 AM #
Try to stay out of the poor neighborhoods on the 4th, you guys. Some of those animals use fireworks to cover up shootings & other crimes.

11:52 AM #
They should force illegal immigrants to work at all the gas stations, grocery stores, & restaurants so true Americans can enjoy the 4th.

11:57 AM #
Wonder who parties harder for the 4th? Springsteen or Seger? Probably Seger. The Boss got pretty soft since that Secret Garden crap.

01:03 PM #
Just thinkin' about how Ann threw out all my original Big Dogs tees. They're probably collectors items now. Such a classic.

01:04 PM #
"If you can't hang with the Big Dogs, stay on the porch!" That pretty much says it all, you guys.

03:01 PM #
Gettin the rock outta here. Gotta start shoppin for grub & drinks for the big celebration before the stores get slammed.

03:03 PM #
Last year the store ran out of dog buns. Had to get hamburg ones. It was a disaster. Really got into it with a stock boy. Almost socked him.

03:05 PM #
Gonna go HEAVY on the hot dog buns. Really stock pile 'em. If there's one thing parties can always use, it's more buns. And boobs. Ha!

03:07 PM #
No offense to the ladies with that "boobs" comment. Just some raunchy guy humor for the fellas. It's true, but still, no offense.