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DadBoner - Sun Jul 03 2011

11:43 AM #
Today feels kinda like Christmas Eve except tomorrow's not gonna suck with church, crappy weather, and kids crying over dumb crap.

11:48 AM #
Christmas has one tree inside, sissy lights, and family time. The 4th has all the trees outside, fireworks, and cold ones. 4th all the way.

11:52 AM #
The 4th is for AMERICA. For all our freedoms & hard work. Christmas is for one guy, who did some nice stuff, but really can't top the USA.

11:56 AM #
I don't like how all the other filthy countries get to celebrate Christmas. The 4th is just for the Red, White, & Blue. This is OUR time.

01:08 PM #
Dave said his buddy Crazy Cooter is throwin a backyard bash at his place tonight. Sounds like a blast. Headin out soon.