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DadBoner - Tue Jul 05 2011

12:06 PM #
Really hurtin today, you guys. But if you don't feel like your brain is being dug out with an ice cream scoop, you didn't do the 4th right.

12:07 PM #
After I woke up from my nap by the toilet, me and Dave went back to Crazy Cooter's. Man, he keeps the party rockin like a ZZ Top video.

12:11 PM #
Crazy Cooter is pretty much livin the dream. He's got an above ground pool and everything! Lives with his Ma, but she stays out of the way.

12:48 PM #
Just saw about that one gal in Florida gettin off the hook. She's kind of a cutie. Wonder if she'll pose for Playboy?

01:12 PM #
Ann called. She's all steamed I "didn't make an effort to spend the 4th with my family." Why would I make an effort to ruin my holiday?

01:15 PM #
Ann's also all P.O.'d about that Casey Anderson thing. I don't understand why people need to stick their nose in other families' business.

01:16 PM #
If Casey Anderson wants to pose for some nudie shots, that's fine by me, but what she does in her private life is nobody's business.

02:14 PM #
All anyone wants to talk about at work is that Casey gal. Real snoozefest. C'mon, no one has any cool stories from the weekend?!

02:18 PM #
I canonballed into Crazy Cooter's above ground pool, rocked on jungle juice, holdin a roman candle. THAT'S a good story, not some news crap.

02:21 PM #
Dave tried to grill a bag of Oreos = GREAT story. Casey Whatshername? Borrring. Get back to me when she shows her cans.

02:24 PM #
Crazy Cooter beefed in Dave's face when he was turnin on the propane = INTERESTING. Some Florida trashbag's problems? Zzzzzzzzzzzz...

05:51 PM #
The pad is still kind of destroyed from that bottle rocket accident. Don't have the energy to tidy up tonight. Probably need some paint too.

06:06 PM #
Upon further inspection, there's more bottle rocket damage than I thought. Could use that Holmes on Holmes guy to come in and kick some ass.

06:14 PM #
Crazy Cooter just called Dave. Said we should come over with a few cold ones. This guy is a maniac! Gonna have 1 or 2 to be polite.