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DadBoner - Wed Jul 06 2011

11:49 AM #
Was 4 hrs late for work today. Got pretty messed up with Crazy Cooter. Woke up on his couch. Dave took off in MY Sebring and left me there.

11:53 AM #
Crazy Cooter's mom gave me a lift home. She smokes with the windows up. Felt so sick. Made her pull over so I could dry heave.

11:57 AM #
Popped a blood vessel in my eye from the dry heaves. I look like some sorta demon.

01:00 PM #
Super steamed at Dave for lockin me out. Pounded on the door for 45 minutes this morning, sweatin my boys off. So exhausted.

01:02 PM #
Why would Dave just leave me at Crazy Cooter's? Feel all itchy from sleepin on his couch. Crazy is cool to party with, not for a sleepover.

01:14 PM #
On the way home, Crazy Cooter's mom called me a "drunk faggot" for dry heaving out her car door. Not a very nice thing to say, you guys.

01:19 PM #
If this were the 80's, calling someone a "drunk faggot" would be totally okay, but people are all equal now. Times are a changin.