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DadBoner - Thu Jul 07 2011

11:50 AM #
Went to Cooter's again last night. Got kinda weird. Showed us a pic of his lady & said, "she ain't much to look at, but she sure can f***."

11:53 AM #
Crazy Cooter has a thing or 2 to learn about babes. The wallet pic of his gal made Dave spit out his Funyons. She needs a Mr. Yuck sticker.

11:57 AM #
Crazy Cooter ALWAYS wants to party, which is cool, but EVERYNIGHT can't be party night unless you're Joe Perry or something.

12:02 PM #
Crazy Cooter started "dancing with the white lady" right in front of his Ma. She didn't even care. Thought that was odd, you guys.

12:06 PM #
A little grass and cold ones are ok, but I learned a long time ago to say nope to dope unless you're just doin a gummer to look cool.

12:14 PM #
Cooter got kinda out of control. Called me & Dave "f***in' a-holes" for not doin any dope with him, then punched a hole in his drywall.

12:22 PM #
Cooter's ma went bonkers on him for the drywall hole. Started callin him this, that, and the other. Me & Dave got the rock outta there.

12:29 PM #
Crazy Cooter just doesn't have alot of class I guess. It's a shame. I'm exhausted, goin' to take a toilet nap.

01:42 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

04:02 PM #
Chewed up a whole pack of Trident White gum. Packin it on my choppers. Nothing sets off a rich cocoa tan like a great smile, you guys.

04:11 PM #
Black folks know how to do it right with their cocoa skin and pearly whites. Just such a winning combination. Always admired that.