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DadBoner - Sun Jul 10 2011

02:10 PM #
Got the boat out yesterday. Had a blast. Until we ran out of gas. Me & Dave had to just sit there with our thumbs up our butts for 3 hrs.

02:11 PM #
Boat gauges must be off. Had to wait for a service to come and bring us fuel. Ran out of sandwiches too. It was a nightmare.

02:12 PM #
Was trying to get that rich cocoa tan. Just put on baby oil. So sunburned I keep gettin the chills. Hope it just turns into a nice base.

02:15 PM #
Drank all the cold ones while we waited for gas. Guy gave us looks for bein too sauced. Like you have to be sober to drive a boat. Idiot.

08:39 PM #
So sunburned. Feel delirious. Can't stop laughing about what a great stripper name, Aloe Vera, would be for a black gal.

08:42 PM #
Black gals at the gentlemen's club aren't always my type, unless I've been drinkin' brown liquor. Then it's on like popcorn!

08:47 PM #
I shouldn't have said that. I'm just so out of mind with this sunburn. I guess this is how Martin Lawrence must feel. Maah-iiin! Ha!

08:49 PM #
Gonna go lay down in the bathtub. Fill it up with ice & cold water. Gotta get some sleep. I'm not driving but I shouldn't be driving.