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DadBoner - Fri Jul 15 2011

10:51 AM #
REALLY lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys. It's gonna a hot, hot, hot one!

11:00 AM #
Life is a Fridaaaay, I wanna ride it all night long! Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

11:14 AM #
If you don't wanna waste your Saturday at that Harry Potter crap with your wife & kids, NOW would be the time start havin "back problems."

11:25 AM #
What ever happened to good movies like Beverly Hills Cop II? Harry Potter's a bad influence. Makes kids have dreams that'll never come true.

11:36 AM #
Dave likes Harry Potter. He bought all the books, but I know he just watched the movies and acts like he read 'em. Like that'll get babes.

12:07 PM #
Why hasn't anyone made a good buddy cop action flick with Guy Fieri in it yet? It'd be a summer smash, you guys.

12:13 PM #
Team up Guy Fieri with any goofy black guy in a buddy cop flick where they fight Chinese drug lord scum and they'd knock it outta the park.

12:17 PM #
Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Tracy Morgan, Chris Tucker, Danny Glover, Steve Harvey, they all do the same "yo momma" jokes. Any would be good.

12:58 PM #
Goin to drink a few cold ones in my Sebring in the 7-Eleven parking lot and work on my Guy Fieri movie idea. Priorities, you guys.